This page describes various projects I’ve worked on over time.

Open-Source Projects:

Frames-beam is the library I worked on during Google Summer of Code 2018 as part of the open source organization. It is primarily intended as a extension to the Frames library, and adds Postgres as an additional data source to it. You can read more about it here.

Commercial Projects:

I was the lead backend developer on these projects:

  • A geographical information system for the environmental impact assessment needs of the aviation industry. (I also managed deployments and data ingestion for this project.)
  • A prototype of a network monitoring platform for geographically distributed retail enterprises. Made use of Grafana for visualization, InfluxDB for storing metrics, RabbitMQ as the message broker, and Elixir/OTP to tie it all together.

Fun Projects:

  • A multi-player blackjack server with a chat-based command interface. Implemented using GenServers, websockets and Phoenix.
  • Remote’OClock: A simple slack-bot server that queries the timezone of everyone on a (geo-distributed) Slack team and returns results in a neatly formatted way.